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Data Analysis in Energy Management

for PMT Smart Metering (Smart Buildings)

Power Meter Technics (Pty) Ltd or PMT is a smart metering company with an exclusive focus on utility metering. They provide an innovative range of intelligent metering solutions across the entire value chain.

PMT reached out to OQLIS to harness analytics to see how much was spent on electricity, including heating, and cooling, as well as equipment and office space consumption. They also needed to understand where and how exactly wastage occurred to subsequently reduce energy costs.

The Challenge

Plant and Utility Managers receive energy bills on buildings for electricity, for various usages. But considering building size, it may be hard to tell where energy is used inefficiently and where you could save money to impact your bottom line.

OQLIS Energy Management Software solution

These pain points needed to be addressed:

  • Our client was spending hours looking for details about their energy consumption and generation on their production lines.
  • They were unable to measure their usage, carbon footprint, and sustainability in real time.
  • They wanted to reduce the time, money, and resources it took to identify, resolve, and report on issues in the production of their products.
  • They needed to report on and measure their sustainability model and green efforts for corporate reporting and best standards.

The OQLIS Solution

OQLIS identified 6 ways in which data analytics and reporting could solve this problem. View the solution:

Data analytics and reporting solutions for energy management

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