OQLIS global expansion

OQLIS spreads its wings for strategic expansion to Australasia

The pandemic has shown us that opportunities are not bound by your physical location. People are more than ever open to engaging with companies like OQLIS offering beneficial software products and services that can make a difference in their business from anywhere. … Read More

Energy Management Data Analytics

Artificial Intelligence to the rescue of limited energy supply

In a world where population growth is exceeding the availability of energy supply, there is a dire need to better manage our resources. Technology can play a significant role in this regard. … Read More

Business Process Management Analytics

Providing a Sensible, Data-first Approach to BPM

In a globalised and highly competitive world all business leaders are trying to automate their back- and front-office operations, aiming for faster turn-around times and better customer service. … Read More

OQLIS Time and Attendance Data Analytics

Using AI to manage Time & Attendance

Business enterprises are under constant pressure to get more out of fewer people. Managing time and attendance (T&A) in a smart and predictive way is key to future business success. OQLIS has shown that this topic can be controlled by utilising dashboards, and predictive data analysis, empowering business leaders to manage their teams more efficiently. … Read More

Customer Testimonial

OQLIS Customer Q&A  – “I get excited to build something new and solve problems for our clients”

OQLIS reached out to one of our favourite female customers, South African-born Media Intelligence Project Manager, Tania du Plessis on the value OQLIS brings to the table for her own clients and the amazing OQLIS culture. … Read More


OQLIS: Leaders in IoT data analytics and prediction

OQLIS has grown to become a provider of IoT data analytics with a proven track record to interpret and predict data, empowering business leaders to make better decisions and anticipate demand. … Read More

OQLIS appoints first-ever Chief Commercial Officer

Meet experienced Technology Business Developer and OQLIS Chief Commercial Officer, Robert Kendall. … Read More

Demystifying Artificial Intelligence for Global Good

Make sense of your business data

In order to derive valuable insights from business data, these businesses need to embark on a data journey, the end destination being Artificial Intelligence.
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Video series

Superior data analytics drives strong growth for OQLIS

Superior data analytics drives strong growth for OQLIS Pretoria, South Africa. 20 October 2022. Specialist data insights company OQLIS has achieved 300% growth since the Covid pandemic hit the world in 2020, as companies realised the need to improve business … Read More

IoT value

IoT offers little to no value

IoT offers little to no value… Bold statement? Perhaps. But hear us out. Unless you can put a value to your sensor data, (literally, through a visual display of numbers, graphs, and charts, and subsequently strategically through predictive insights and … Read More