Data Services

Rewrite your business story through the data it already generates. Our customers’ data intelligence initiatives pay for themselves by saving time, money, and resource expenditures, and also give them a massive competitive advantage in the market. Whether at the onset of your data journey or looking to optimise data and analytics, OQLIS consulting services can help.

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Consultancy and Technical Services

Our customers are guided to understand their deeper business pain points and how AI & ML can help solve these problems. OQLIS consultants will help you explore the right algorithm for your unique requirements.

Data done right, from the start

Extract Transform Load

Knowing where to start when extracting data is a complicated process. OQLIS seamlessly identifies the correct data sets to visualise the health of your business data, and store it optimally to meet your data strategy needs.

Extract Transform Load
A safe house for your data

Install and set up databases and warehouses in the most efficient and optimised way. We help you securely store, organise, and easily access your data, ensuring scalability, and reliability. All within a data governance framework.

Data Intelligence

Data Analytics & Business Intelligence

Need an extra pair of eyes to decipher your data? Our data analysts will unravel the mysteries hidden within your datasets, providing you with valuable insights and actionable recommendations.

Custom data intelligence

Application Development

Data-intensive apps are built on the OQLIS framework. Bespoke DevOps on our framework enables customers to create applications in a fraction of the time.

Your business data tells your business story. Give that data a voice!

Discover the magic of data intelligence and watch your business soar! Through intelligent data analytics, you’ll have the superpower to uncover hidden trends, outsmart your competitors, and delight your customers with personalised experiences. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to data-driven decision-making that will take you on a beautiful data journey.

Don’t just navigate the business world, conquer it with the remarkable benefits of data intelligence at your fingertips.

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