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Winterburn Wisdom: How to handle stress and prevent burnout

by shawn winterburn

I was asked by a friend for some advice on how to handle stress and prevent burnout. Many people probably don’t know this, but when I was in a previous life (corporate animal) I overdid it to get ahead in the fast pace dog-eat-dog world we live in.

After suffering a medical issue and mild burnout, I decided to relook at my life choices. This was the advice I gave my friend:

Look at your life from a holistic point of view and ask yourself if what are you doing is sustainable (health and mental state).

Be intentional in what you do, and focus on those things that will move your needle and make you live your life’s purpose. We are chasing things that we don’t need but want! (STOP trying to keep up with the Jones). Your time is limited spend it wisely.

Exercise regularly and get your vehicle (your body) in good shape, it needs to support you for a long time.

Practice gratitude: we all know that the world is a challenging and complex place. However, if you focus on the good around you (that you can control) and know that you are making progress toward your goals every day, you will be in an amazing place mentally.

Live in the moment: there are infinite historical events that have shaped us but are possibly holding us back, so let go! We can do nothing about what has happened, only learn from it and be the best person we can be NOW. An infinite amount of possibilities are going to happen to us, we don’t know what they are so why let the future stress you out?

Locus of control: Realise that you can only control yourself (no one else, yes, NO ONE), You can only influence people in your circle (friends, family, and co-workers). So learn skills to get the best out of people you can influence. And last, there are things you have NO CONTROL over, such as politics, the weather, the Stockmarket, Manchester United, and many more. So why let them create anxiety in your life?


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This is not legal, financial, medical, or social advice (some professionals could assist far better than me).
I was not harmed in writing this and my account was not hacked.

I hope someone that is in a bad way, will find some hope and takes the first step in finding their direction.