Man using OQLIS data analysis software

Why decisions in businesses fail when not driven by data

Throughout the last decade of its customer-centric existence, OQLIS. The Data Insights People have discovered exactly what their customers need and what they are trying to achieve when it comes to business data analytics. … Read More

OQLIS - The Power of Now: Real-Time Analytics Benefits Revealed

The Power of Now: Real-Time Analytics Benefits Revealed

Behold the wondrous world of real-time data analytics. A process of collecting, processing, analysing, and visualising data at the moment it is generated or received, providing insights and actionable information immediately or with minimal delay. This approach allows organisations to make faster, and more informed decisions based on the most up-to-date information. … Read More

ML vs AI

Demystifying the Myth: AI vs. ML: Are They Really Different?

As the CEO of an innovative data analytics software company, I often encounter a common misconception with business leaders: the confusion between artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML).
When I first encountered the terms, I personally used them loosely and at that stage did not truly understand the differences. But over the years have found that using the right terminology is important for leaders to convey a conscience vision and strategy aligned to concepts that are and will disrupt their organisations.
This article is designed to be those crib notes for leaders to discern between fact and hype.
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Johan Steyn, Andrew Bosma & Shawn Winterburn demystifying Artificial Intelligence for Global Good

Make sense of your business data utilising smart AI

In order to derive valuable insights from business data, these businesses need to embark on a data journey, the end destination being Artificial Intelligence.
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