Unified Decision-Making: Your Business Data Management Revolution Made Easy.

Integrating diverse information systems poses a significant challenge for businesses in 2024. Large enterprises grapple with a multitude of systems, creating a pressing need for a unified data solution. Andrew Bosma, the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of OQLIS, sheds light on the transformative journey of OQLIS in this article (derived from his keynote at the OQLIS Awards Ceremony – LUMIN23). Discover how this data intelligence platform addresses the challenges of fragmented data and revolutionises how businesses manage and utilise their information.

The Challenge of Fragmented Data:

“Businesses today are inundated with a plethora of information systems, creating a maze of complexities. OQLIS aims to unravel this maze and provide businesses with a clear path to a unified version of the truth,” says Andrew. Large enterprises, medium-sized companies, and small businesses all face the common challenge of managing between 5 and 200 different systems, respectively. This fragmentation necessitates a centralised data source to facilitate accurate decision-making.

Bosma emphasizes the specific goals OQLIS addresses: “Our customers come to us seeking a unified version of the truth, automated reporting, accessibility, and scalability. OQLIS isn’t just about creating dashboards; it’s about providing a comprehensive solution that tackles the underlying complexities of data management.” The platform achieves this through modules that go beyond traditional reporting systems, delving into data engineering, storage, and business logic.

“In the world of business data, dashboards are just the tip of the iceberg. OQLIS recognises this and goes deeper, offering modules that empower users to interact with data, trigger alerts based on business rules, and automate complex processes,” notes Bosma. The platform’s commitment to addressing the entire data lifecycle sets it apart from traditional reporting systems.

According to Bosma, OQLIS embraces innovation by incorporating Internet of Things, Machine Learning, and AI modules. “We saw the opportunity to not just report on data but to predict and analyse it in real-time. Our IoT module, for instance, allows seamless integration of external sensor data, positioning OQLIS as more than just a reporting tool but as a platform for data-driven decision-making,” he explains.

The platform's commitment to addressing the entire data lifecycle sets it apart from traditional reporting systems.

The Unify Module: A Game Changer.

Bosma reflects on a pivotal moment of OQLIS’s development: “The Unify module was born out of a need to simplify integrations. We wanted to move beyond custom code and provide a seamless, monitored environment within the platform itself.” This module, leveraging Docker, allows users to run code directly within OQLIS, streamlining integrations and enhancing maintenance capabilities.

“2023 was a monumental year for OQLIS. We introduced core features and minor improvements, showcasing our commitment to constant development and refinement,” Bosma states. The platform’s deployment flexibility and enhanced monitoring capabilities underscore its adaptability to diverse business needs.

A Bright Future Vision:

As OQLIS looks to the future, Bosma outlines upcoming features, including saved filters, customizable email templates, and quick dashboard copying. “Our vision is not just about solving immediate challenges but evolving into an Integrated and Predictive Data Application. We’re exploring micro-business apps, scenario planning, and multi-objective optimization,” he reveals.

OQLIS is more than a tool; it’s a solution that adapts to the evolving landscape of business data. Our commitment to innovation and addressing the intricacies of data management positions us as pioneers in the realm of unified decision-making.” 

As OQLIS continues to evolve, guided by its vision and user-centric approach, it stands poised to shape the future of how businesses navigate and leverage their data.


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