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OQLIS is an easy-to-integrate Data Intelligence interface built into one single platform, allowing businesses to ingest, store, visualise, analyse, and predict trends, an all-in-one intuitive and integrated interface, in real-time.

"AI and Machine Learning will and should be part of a strategic plan for your present and future activities, however, it needs to be targeted and intentional for the purpose it was created..."
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Data Analytics

Our customers are guided to understand their deeper business pain points and how AI & ML can help solve these problems. OQLIS consultants will help you explore the right algorithm for your unique requirements.

Integrating Data from Disparate Sources

Advanced analytics techniques enable organisations to aggregate and integrate data from disparate sources, including siloed systems, into a unified data repository. 

Extracting Actionable Insights

AI-powered algorithms can analyse integrated data sets to uncover valuable insights and patterns that would otherwise remain hidden. These insights empower organisations to make data-driven decisions, optimise processes, and identify new opportunities for innovation.

Automating Processes and Predictions

AI technologies like machine learning and predictive analytics can automate repetitive tasks, predict future outcomes, and optimise decision-making processes. By augmenting human capabilities with AI, organisations can improve efficiency, accuracy, and agility across their entire operations eco-system.

Enhancing Customer Experience and Personalisation

Unified data analytics and AI enable organisations to deliver personalised experiences to customers based on a deep understanding of their preferences, behaviours, and needs. By leveraging integrated data, organisations can tailor products, services, and marketing efforts to individual customers, driving loyalty and satisfaction.

WhatsApp Alerts with Automations

Send WhatsApp alerts to clients based on pre-defined criteria

WhatsApp message template can be customised

Allows triggering of automation actions on a user-specified schedule

Automates specific actions and sends mobile notifications based on specific rules set up against own data

OQIS Feature - WhatsApp Alerts with Automations​