Customer Q&A

OQLIS Customer Q&A - "I get excited to build something new and solve problems for our clients"

In celebration of national Woman’s Month, OQLIS reached out to one of our favourite female customers, South African-born Media Intelligence Project Manager, Tania du Plessis. Tania, who currently resides in Boulder, Colorado enthusiastically elaborates on the value OQLIS brings to the table for her own clients and the amazing OQLIS culture. Let’s dig in:

What challenges do your clients face and how does the OQLIS platform solve those? 

Time, cost, and resources are at the top of the list. We had to look for ways to deliver tailor-made reporting with insights to clients in a cost-effective and timely manner. This was a challenge knowing that the media industry and excel data sheets go together, with possible capturing errors when it comes to reporting on findings (as there’s so much human involvement without robust control measures).

 Our ecosystem consists of a lot of different data streams which made standardization quite challenging, that is where OQLIS changed the game for us. Their software allows us to seamlessly integrate all our different data feeds into a sensible data schema, with the ability to customize as needed, and then brings all these data points to life with a beautiful visualization platform allowing us to manage and configure the dashboards alongside our client’s needs.

We now have more control over our data sets and can effortlessly put new measurement methodologies in place (with the guidance of their software engineers) to understand how effective our client’s communication efforts are with data points we already have. This reduced delivery time by more than 80% whereas in the past the same tasks took us more than a day to complete (if not more).

Which OQLIS features are your favourite and why? 

The people, does it count? LOL. It’s difficult to pinpoint it to one feature as we use all of them in different ways, every day but I do love the fact the tool has been set up in such a way to allow users to build intuitive reporting with little effort and then being able to use the results of that to service many clients, how is that for efficiency?!

My day starts with opening the application and building or adjusting something, it’s part of my daily routine. I get excited to build something new and solve problems for our clients marrying the data with insights that weren’t visible to them or us before. The initial setup, however, takes time in that you need to plan and think about what you are trying to achieve but once that is clear and the visualization and data decisions have been made and you put the picture together, it is easy and rewarding.

How do you experience the OQLIS culture in terms of customer satisfaction? 

I’ve gained some legit skills over the last few years which would not have been possible without the support and guidance from the team. They empower me to push myself to do extraordinary things for our clients. OQLIS has a collaborative culture, it’s a partnership, it’s a long-term investment, and it’s family. Customer satisfaction is at the forefront of what they do. The relationships are strong, and they flow both ways with a vested interest to understand every detail of the business service we offer. They are an extension of your own service offerings – they are world-class.

In terms of platform growth do you think OQLIS has a clear roadmap to continuously improve its platform? Have you personally benefited from their regular updates and bespoke client improvements? 

Absolutely, I have first-hand experience. The platform is continuously being enhanced with new features. Staying abreast of the market is the name of their game. They are open to listening to new ideas and it is super rewarding to see how those ideas come to life. Let me put it this way, I’m not interested in looking or hearing about alternatives in the market. The voice of the customer is listened to, you have input, and you feel part of something bigger, that is a great feeling to have!

OQLIS is an easy-to-integrate Data Intelligence interface that plugs into your application.  Our solution is at the forefront of leading technologies, built into one single platform, allowing businesses to ingest, store, visualise, analyse, and predict trends, an all-in-one intuitive and integrated interface. OQLIS integrates Business Intelligence, Data Automation, and Machine Learning, and it’s available anytime, anywhere, and on any device.