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Superior data analytics drives strong growth for OQLIS

by OQLIS staff writer

Specialist data insights company OQLIS has achieved 300% growth since the Covid pandemic hit the world in 2020, as companies realised the need to improve business data analysis to optimise operations in a challenging environment.

On the back of this growth, the company added a Chief Commercial Officer, Robert Kendall, and a Marketing Technologist, Yaki Kruger, to its team this month as its expansion gains pace.

Robert Kendall OQLIS Chief Commercial Officer

OQLIS was founded by partners, Shawn Winterburn, CEO, and CTO Andrew Bosma, in 2014 when it saw an opportunity to help companies make sense of increasingly larger volumes of data in a simplified way.

“Data collected from workflows, sensors, or applications guide businesses to improve operations and drive efficiencies and lower costs. We have developed a solution that provides one interface which combines visualisation with game-changing machine learning and artificial intelligence. 

As data volume continues to grow, companies need to make sense of the data to improve responses to, for instance, breakdowns. We present the data in a single view and use artificial intelligence applications to go beyond the analysis of the incident that needs attention,” Winterburn says.

Finding specialist partners to enhance IoT offerings to customers should be a cornerstone of IoT application corporate strategies. It delivers meaning, success, and, acceleration in a vibrant and competitive IoT industry. Without data insights, projects are more likely to fail and waste tons of customers’ valuable time and money.

“As data volume continues to grow, companies need to make sense of the data to improve responses to, for instance, breakdowns. We present the data in a single view and use artificial intelligence applications to go beyond the analysis of the incident that needs attention”

– Shawn Winterburn, CEO & Co-founder
Shawn Winterburn, OQLIS CEO

“In view of our growth trajectory in the last 28 months, we are excited that an industry leader such as Robert has decided to join OQLIS. This has not happened by accident, as we are looking to continually add huge value to our customers. Robert will be a strategic and core part of the OQLIS team, he brings a unique ability to merge technical and business acumen to solve our customers’ most difficult data problems,” Winterburn says.

Kendall says the OQLIS solutions present a great opportunity. “We can become a market leader in a very new and exciting space. OQLIS is a borderless solution and I want to help make it a product that is used the world over by thousands of people.”

Winterburn adds that OQLIS’ growth and international expansion plans also mean it needs elevated marketing, which is what experienced strategic marketer in the tech industry, and expert content and visual creative, Yaki Kruger, will deliver.

OQLIS worked with IoT innovators IoT.nxt since 2019 and developed and designed data analytics for that company’s IoT solutions to its customers to simplify data presentation.

The company has a strong entrepreneurial spirit – it remains self-funded by the founders – and the team changed direction once the IoT.nxt agreement came to an end. “We identified new opportunities and devised offerings to different companies in diverse industries,” Winterburn says.

Andrew Bosma OQLIS Chief Technology Officer
Yaki OQLIS Marketing Technologist

OQLIS deploys intuitive data analysis, flexible to change to specific business needs. The company has created a new kind of business intelligence answer to your data problems, allowing everybody to explore and interact with their data and discover insights. OQLIS is an easy-to-integrate Data Intelligence Interface that plugs into business applications.  Its solution is at the forefront of leading technologies, built into one single platform, allowing businesses to ingest, store, visualise, analyse, and predict trends. OQLIS integrates Business Intelligence, Data Automation, and Machine Learning, and it’s available anytime, anywhere, on any device. 

OQLIS pronounced ‘oc·u·lis’ is a unique combination of the words Oculus, (which means eyes in Latin) and IQ