Internet of Things – Real Time Analytics

How OQLIS Helps customers drive Internet of Things initiatives

OQLIS enables companies that have an investment in IoT platforms to actively visualise and analyse data to track, trace and measure key metrics across operations in real time, allowing key performance indicators to be actively managed and shared across the organisation.


IoT analytics is the application of data analysis tools and procedures to realise value from the huge volumes of data generated by connected Internet of Things devices.  


The applications for IoT are endless, as OEM manufacturers are developing more and more sensory devices on manufacturing equipment, pipelines, weather stations, smart meters, vehicles, data centers, facilities, as well as retail and healthcare specific equipment.


OQLIS has the ability to analyse large volumes of data from variety of sources, while delivering a concise and informative experience to employees who are looking to improve performance, reduce costs or to understand their environment better.


Benefits of using OQLIS for IoT initiatives


  1. The ability to measure what could never be measured before
  2. Correlation between data and improvements in operations in real time
  3. Managing operational constraints
  4. Providing ongoing feedback between sales, marketing and production
  5. Saving costs and improving efficiencies
  6.  Managing your ecosystem of constraints
  7. Allows operationals to effectively manage their own insights, without the data scientists intervention
  8. OQLIS become the translator for IoT Devices / sensors, IoT platforms and big data databases

IOT data savings

Get the most out of IoT

Track KPI's

Efficient resource utilisation

Connect data from various sources

Decision analytics of large data points

Multi chart layouts

Lowers the cost and increase productivity

Networked Data Analysis

Reduced human efforts by analysing large pools of data

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