Information Technology

How OQLIS Helps Information Technology

OQLIS enables providers of Information Communication Technology (ICT) solutions to track, trace and measure key metrics across customers and operations, allowing key performance indicators to be actively managed and shared across the entire team.


ICT service providers are renowned for presenting monthly SLA statistics in a way that looks positive, while customers have an intrinsic sense that reports are not accurate due to ongoing users complaints.


Gone are the days where critical service disruption is only presented at month end and debated whether the correct action was taken, customers want to know the moment these occurrences take place to ensure those effected are notified when services will be restored.


This is where OQLIS has shown great strides in terms of transparency and accountability between ICT service providers and their customers, reporting and visualising all aspects of service delivery directly for application such as ITSM, Microsoft System Center and many more monitoring tools.


Delivering a real time view of ICT operations, truly shows commitment towards world class service delivery!

Incidents logged by day

Schedule Reports to Customers

Automate the sending of Dashboards directly to customers through OQLIS scheduling

Track and Detect Key Events

Stay up to date with the pulse of the business by managing and tracking KPI’s in real time

Enterprise Security

Control access to data across the team and confidently share dashboards with external parties and vendors

Custom White Labeling

Make your applications feel like your own with our extensive white labelling capabilities

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