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An enterprise Data Analytics Platform delivered in the browser

OQLIS makes it easy for users of any skill level to interrogate their data and build reports and dashboards in an intuitive drag on drop interface, you can share your discoveries and collaborate across the organisation in a safe and secure way. All using the power of the modern web.

Analytics Dashboard

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What benefit does OQLIS offer your Organisation?

Simplifying a complex process of analysing data into a unpretentious transaction, simple to store and super intuitive to operate. Allowing a broader audience to make informed decisions.


Speed to value, where dashboards can take multiple times time faster to deploy, and no specialised skilled are required. Traditional Business Intelligence tools are complex with a highly technical skilled individual required to operate the tool.


Why pay additional costs of infrastructure where data needs to be staged or migrated? Interrogation of data at the source with OQLIS makes it a cost effective solution.


OQLIS is a SaaS application, with no additional hardware required, however has the flexibility to be installed on a customers site if so required.


Web is the global standard in accessibility, where any user can connect via a web browsers, and no additional software needs to be installed on a clients computer / Laptop / Tablet or even a smart phone.

Explore Data Model

Security that does not restrict users

Governance is crucial, so we have a dual Security feature built the application to ensure total segregation of associated users, firstly roles based data model (connection into the database) and secondly virtual folder users authentication, ensuring dashboards are not distributed to users that may not view or collaborate with them.


To make the process of collaboration easier, we have created folder structure that is secured with user access pre defined by your administrator, allows the user to create and modify charts with co workers, in a familiar interface.


Pre filter API allows role base data filtering in accordance with security rules, this can be based on role, department, company, location and division.


Browser Based UI

Simple, elegant, HTML5-based search interface that
offers search suggestions as you type and creates results,
visualisations and summaries instantly.

Speak Database Language

Building data models from SQL allows technical users to
leverage existing queries and knowledge to build reusable
views for other users to explore

Smart Query Cache

With a smart query cache built in, it reduces the workload
on your database server allowing multiple users to access
the same data instantaneously.

Direct Data Connections

With direct access to the database there is no need to
move or migrate data. All connections can revalidated and
audited from inside the system



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Amazon Redshift