A Data Platform that Moves at the Speed of Business





Enterprise Security

  • Easy User Management Enterprise wide
  • Control Access to Data through Role Based Security
  • User based Pre-filtering for Data Access
  • Tokenised Access to External Databases
  • Secure Socket Layer Encryption

User Settings
Support Dashboard Graphs

Visual Dashboard Building

  • Design a dashboard that looks and feels how you would like it to.
  • Each user has a unique layout when charts are re-arranged. Master layouts can be set and reverted to if a layout becomes a bit messy.
  • Move charts around and customise each individual chart to the size and height best suited.


  • Append notes to charts to collaborate with fellow users.
  • Share common spaces amongst colleagues.
  • Work off already existing charts that are available

Explore Data Model


  • Custom data browsing for each data model.
  • Drag and drop groups and measures to create savvy explorations with a eye catching UI.
  • Custom adjustments for fields within exploration such as filtering, sorting and limiting.
  • Multiple ways to visualise data set.
  • Set drill paths into your data to browse deeper and explore more.

Visualisation Types

  • Single KPI’s, Bar Gauge’s, Gauge’s,  Charts (Pie, Bar, line etc.)
  • Raw Data, Funnel, Pivot Table and SanKey diagram.
  • Polar chart, Tree map, Network and Word Cloud.
  • Maps and Google Maps

Share Dashboard

Embedded & API Integration

  • Share dashboards via embedding into applications or a web URL’s.
  • Give access rights to a dashboard that is being shared.
  • Easily embed a dashboard into your application and view dashboards live.

SQL Integration

  • Custom database integration with Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle Database, PostgreSQL, Amazon Redshift, Google BigQuery, CSV and Excel.
  • Flexible data visualisation for any data source.

Monthly HTML schedule of the support dashboard


  • Create schedules for any time whether it be daily, weekly or monthly.
  • Link/Associate your schedule to any dashboard.
  • Multi schedule types such as HTML, PNG , PDF and Link.
  • Create your schedule from a variety of timezones, these schedules run accordingly to the provided timezone.
  • Custom subject line and message for scheduling of a dashboard.
  • Limit the extent of the scheduling by a date, to cut the schedule from executing.

Interactive Help Content

  • Detailed help documents for each page
  • Full description of content for the page and video to take you through the process of the feature.

Dashboard Explanation
Theme change


  • Customise each dashboard to your style.
  • Choose between a light or dark theme template.
  • Customise your companies colours and visual effects using CSS.