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Data Analytics in Business Process Management

for document management software company, DocuWare

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DocuWare is a global software company that provides cloud document management solutions and workflow automation. They
enable businesses to digitise, secure and work with business documents, then optimize the processes that power the business core.

Business Process Management (BPM) is key in businesses to streamline their IT processes and implement their goals. Most businesses face challenges in enhancing data analytics to improve the results because of the high costs and slow speed of deployment. OQLIS saw an opportunity in the already powerful DocuWare software to enhance it with valuable data insight dashboards.

OQLIS Document Workflow Management

Managers and technical teams can’t see all their workflow processes at a glance. They can’t see or understand what is happening at a high level, without a layer of analytics. Based on the challenges experienced by users of the DocuWare software, OQLIS identified 5 ways in which Data Analytics and Reporting could solve their users’ problems.

Businesses using OQLIS for BPM